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Looking for a reasonably priced elevator of the very best quality? Discover the MOVE.

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MOVE: our latest, energy-efficient elevator

The MOVE is a reasonably priced, top-quality elevator that doesn’t have a machine room. This elevator has fewer breakdowns and a longer life expectancy than your average elevator. This saves you money when it comes to maintenance and replacement costs. But these are not the only advantages.

The MOVE elevator is ideal for:





1,0/1,6 (m/s)630 – 1050 (kg)8 – 14 (pers.) 25 (yr)





All of the advantages of the MOVE elevator

Circular usage of materials

Would you also like to contribute to a better environment? The MOVE is designed with sustainability in mind. Reusing materials is the priority. We therefore reduce the use of raw materials for production, transport and operations.

  • More about circularity and MOVE elevators
    The MOVE design is based on sustainability principles according to C2C (cradle-to-cradle) certification. This means that our elevators are energy efficient in terms of usage and that we are careful about how we use materials in the elevator itself. Has the elevator’s useful life come to an end? Then we will dismantle it and reuse the parts wherever possible. When the elevator is no longer usable, we will recycle the old components into new materials.

C2C Certification

The design of the MOVE is based on sustainability principles according to C2C (cradle-to-cradle) certification. With this, we are aiming to realised a closed cycle.

Reliable operation

Looking for a reliable, top quality elevator? Then choose the MOVE. A great, functional elevator made with top-quality materials. As a result, breakdowns are kept to an absolute minimum. And with the right maintenance, the elevator will last for at least 25 years.

Energy-efficient elevator

The MOVE uses very little energy as the lighting and operating systems are switched off when the system is not in use. That is why the elevator has an A energy label. Good for the environment and your wallet!

Smart elevator

Wouldn’t it be handy if an elevator could tell you when it needed servicing? The MOVE elevator’s operating system does this automatically. You don’t need to worry about a thing. You will also save money on maintenance costs.

Quick delivery times

Manufacturing and delivering a MOVE elevator within 8 weeks of the order? Thanks to our modern configuration process, that’s no problem for us.

  • More about delivery
    We create a unique configuration for each project. As a result of the advanced configuration process, we can produce and deliver a MOVE elevator within 8 weeks of the order. You will receive a set of working drawings for the order. Approved the drawings? Then we start work for you as quickly as possible.

  • Competitively priced elevator without machine room
  • Energy label A
  • Quick delivery and installation
  • Top-quality components
  • Lasts least 25 years
  • Completely adaptable to match your interiors

Adapt the MOVE elevator to your requirements

The MOVE elevator is a top-quality system and is ideal for buildings in the mid-sized sector. Choose your own interior and select the specifications that suit your building and users.

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M-Use®: elevator leasing according to a circular model

With our M-Use® model, you don’t buy a new elevator, you just use a Mitsubishi elevator. We take care of all maintenance and replacement. As a result of the right maintenance being carried out at the right moment, the elevator system can last for up to 40 years. This saves you money.

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