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M-Use®: elevator leasing according to a unique circular model

A unique model for elevator leasing. You are the user, we are the owner. So you save costs, can always be sure to have a working elevator and contribute directly to a better environment. Discover all of the advantages.

Setting the amount of your own investments

Are you thinking about investing in a new elevator? With us, you can decide how high your initial investment will be for a new, top quality elevator. As a result, the costs are more evenly spread over time.

  • More about financing options
    Paying for something you don’t use? With M-Use®, you decide in advance how much you want to invest in your new elevator(s) from the start. The rest is included in the annual amount that you pay over the period of use. This means that the current and future users of the elevator make a fair contribution.

Contributing to a better environment

Do you also think it’s important to leave a decent world behind for future generations? With M-Use® elevators, you support the circular use of raw materials and ensure a more sustainable approach to energy.

  • More about circularity and M-Use® elevators
    It’s not just our elevators that are more energy-efficient; we are also careful about the materials we use in our elevators. At the end of the cycle of use, we dismantle our M-Use® elevators and, where possible, reuse them at different locations. Has the elevator come to the end of its life? Then we will recycle the components so that we can use them again. And we set all this out properly in an official Madaster materials passport.

No worries about maintenance

Every year, you’re worrying about whether maintenance will be up to scratch? With M-Use®, we take care of elevator maintenance on the basis of actual usage and without any nasty surprises.

  • More about carefree elevator usage
    By fitting M-Use® elevators with sensors and intelligent sensors, we can accurately measure usage. We can thus ensure that every elevator is given the right type of maintenance at the right time. As a result, we keep breakdowns to an absolute minimum and you don’t pay for unnecessary maintenance. Fair and honest.

A deal is a deal

Do you want be able to rely on a reliable elevator and genuine quality? We make clear performance agreements about issues such as elevator breakdowns. What if they are not realised? Then you will receive a refund.

  • More about the reliability of Mitsubishi
    The performance that we agree on regarding breakdowns, availability, response times and quality (noise and vibrations) of the elevator will be set out in a transparent M-Use® contract. What if we don’t realise this performance? Then you will receive a discount on the annual amount that you usually pay.

A single company that organises it all

Do you just want an elevator that works safely and goes up and down without a fuss? With M-Use®, we will organise everything regarding your elevator; you won’t have to worry about a thing.

  • More about support with M-Use®
    Sorting out the elevator not your favourite pastime? Then you’ve come to the right address. With M-Use®, we organise everything, such as maintenance, repairs, replacements and even elevator inspections by third parties. The only thing you have to do is use the elevator.

Fixed costs, without any nasty surprises

No idea what the expected costs for your elevator will be in the future? With M-Use®, you can be sure of a working elevator for a fair and fixed price.

  • More info on the cost guarantees with M-Use®
    With M-Use®, you are guaranteed working elevators for a fixed annual cost. This amount includes the costs for repairs, replacements and inspections by third parties. So, you’ll never have to face any nasty surprises and you can plan your building maintenance more effectively.

Find out how M-Use® works

What is M-Use®?

M-Use® is unique in the market. Quality, transparency and sustainability are the main priorities. You don’t have to own the elevator. You are the user and pay as long as you use the elevator. But not if the elevator stops working as a result of maintenance issues or a breakdown.

In the video, we explain exactly what M-Use® is. Watch the video and find out what this unique model could mean for you.

M-Use® for contractors

M-Use® for project developers

M-Use® for building owners

The difference between the traditional market and M-Use®

M-Use® differs from the traditional elevator market in terms of costs, quality and sustainability. See the differences between our unique model and the outdated traditional market.

A clear investment difference

With M-Use®, you set your own rate of investment. And then spread the investment costs over a longer period. This means top quality elevators are available to all.

M-Use® quality pays dividends

Great quality means that you can continue to use your M-Use® elevator for another 20 years after the first 20-year contract period. Your annual user costs are reduced because you don’t have to invest again.

No expensive replacement after 20 years

Elevators from other companies are due for replacement after 20 years. At that point, you have to make another investment for the next 20 years.

Up to 40-year elevator guarantee with M-Use®

Professional elevator maintenance means we can prevent most breakdowns. So we can continue to guarantee the agreed elevator performance for 40 years.

Reuse and recycling prioritised!

Whether your user cycle ends after 20, 30 or 40 years. We reuse and recycle the components from all M-Use® elevators as much as possible. This is unique in the market!

The sustainable power of M-Use®

Together with you, we will create a durable customer relationship and future! Discover our different types of elevator. And make an appointment to find out how M-Use® fits into your situation.

Our customers have their say

Curious about what others think about M-Use®? Our customers tell us about their experiences with M-Use®.

" With M-Use®, the ABN AMRO can be sure of the quality and costs over the coming 20 years. "

Erwin van Baar

Senior Procurement Consultant, ABN Amro

" Our annual costs with M-Use® are € 900 lower than they used to be. And that is excluding the energy savings. "

Jan en Marie de Vries

Board member VvE De Eshof, Rijssen

" I’ve just been to a meeting of the VvEs (Association of Owners) in Dokkum. I heard that some people are paying around € 34,000 to renovate an elevator. This type of issue is something we just don’t need to worry about. "

Harry Haisma

Board member, VvE Grimma Herna Dokkum

" Yes, we have saved on costs. The annual costs of € 900 are lower than they used to be. Excluding the energy advantages. That is a significant saving. "

Kees ten Hove

Board member VvE

A sustainable future thanks to circularity

The idea behind M-Use® is circularity. We are happy to explain what this is and how you contribute towards a more sustainable world with M-Use®.

From linear to circular

With M-Use®, we are the owner of the elevator. Because we are committed in the long term, we can extend the life expectancy of the elevator through effective maintenance. When an elevator has come to the end of its life or a contract ends, we don’t throw the elevator away. We always check to see if we can reuse the components and/or recycle materials. This means we throw away the bare minimum.


The 10 Rs of circularity

To ensure M-Use® is circular and stays that way, we apply the 10 Rs of circularity.

At the moment, we are actively working on 6 of the 10 R’s. At the World Economic Forum 2018 in Davos, our company committed to hard targets with respect to circularity. This is an initiative from the “Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy” (PACE), a collaboration between companies such as ASML, Cisco, HP inc., Dell, KPN, Vanderlande and Philips.

  • Reduce
    With M-Use®, we have taken a critical look at how we could reduce the materials we use and, in turn, the waste. For example, we have eliminated packaging materials, and store items differently. During the production process, we try to reuse as much as we can, using smart design. All information about the materials that we (re)use is set out in a Madaster materials passport. This passport indicates where materials are used, how they are processed or installed and their financial value over time.
  • Redesign
    Together with our parent company in Japan, we are reducing material usage in our M-Use® elevators by applying smart design principles. We also gain advantages from re-installable designs. We can thus replace parts from our elevators more easily and completely dismantle them at the end of their useful lives.
  • Re-use
    Certain elevator components can easily be repaired and then reused at other locations. This could include parts for elevator doors and cages, for example, but also the counter-weight. We work together with a number of universities to unite science and practice.
  • Repair
    We use sensors to constantly monitor the impact of usage on the wear and tear of elevator components. As a result, we can carry out very specific maintenance and repairs. We can thus prevent many breakdowns, use our people and resources more efficiently and avoid unnecessary work.
  • Recycle
    There are always materials that we cannot reuse in elevator components. By recycling these materials we can give them a new purpose. We do this in partnership with Remondis.
  • Recover
    Raw materials that we cannot reuse in our products or services are disposed of by Remondis and used to generate energy. Paper and cardboard, for example. Our Dutch head office in Veenendaal has recently been ISO 14001 certified. Our factory was already certified.

We now have over 100 M-Use® elevator installations

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