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Privacy policy

Privacy and safety

Your personal details. You give us your personal details if you wish to order something. But you may wonder why we ask for your personal details and what we do with them. We’re happy to explain. If you have any further questions, after reading this section, please let us know.

Extremely safe

All of the details that you provide us with are kept secure using the most advanced techniques. Anyone who is not authorised to access your data will not be able to access it. If we give your data to someone else (you can read below when that might happen), then we insist that they are as careful with your data as we are and only use it for the intended purpose. If you believe that this is not the case, let us know.


We often use your data to ensure that your experience is as personalised as possible. We adjust what you see on to suit your interests. One person may like to see information on new-builds and another may prefer the latest news about circularity. To this end, we use data from previous visits, your IP address and your surfing/search behaviour which is stored in cookies. You can read more about cookies below.

What else do we do with your data?

We use your data for various purposes. Below, you can see what we use it for. We use the data received from you and also data we have gathered ourselves. For example, details about your visit to our website.

Contact requests

If you ask us to contact you, we need your name, email address and sometimes also your telephone number. We can then fulfil your demand and keep you up to date with any progress. We do not pass your personal details on to others unless this is absolutely vital, e.g. if an external supplier is delivering the elevator to your location. We insist that our suppliers are just as careful as we are when processing your data.


You can sign up for various newsletters. This keeps you up to date with our offers, products and news. We have general and personalised newsletters. The personalised newsletters are created on the basis of your data, such as previous behaviour on our website. This makes the newsletters more interesting to you. If you would like to stop receiving the newsletter, the option to unsubscribe is provided in all of our emails. It couldn’t be easier!


We are proud to show off the reviews of our products on our website. We love reviews. We do not, however, publish any quotes, opinions or other matters from customers without obtaining their prior consent.

Improving our website and service

We are continuously trying to improve the services we provide. That is why we may use your data to ask you if you would like to take part in a no-obligation customer or market survey. Sometimes, other parties conduct this research for us. We only give them your email address. The other party must abide by our privacy rules. Your email address must therefore be deleted once the survey has been complete.


Nobody likes fraudulent behaviour and we are no exception. That is why we use your customer details to investigate, prevent and combat fraud. If necessary, we will pass customer data to the government.

Social media

If you use social media, e.g. Facebook, you may sometimes use your social media account to respond to our website. When you are logged in and indicate that you like an article, this article will appear on your social media account. Mitsubishi Elevator Europe does not obtain access to your social media account but you may share articles that you like or find useful with your friends. If you send us a question via social media and we notice that question, we will save your message and your account name so that we can respond.

What don’t we do with your data?

We will never sell your data to others.

Are your details incorrect or do you have any other questions?

If something is wrong or you’d like to review your data, just get in touch. We are available to help on working days between 09.00 am and 5.00 pm.

Cookie with that?

To ensure that the website works properly and that you can shop easily with Mitsubishi Elevator Europe, we use cookies. More information about cookies.

Check out our full Privacy policy