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Definition standard scope of delivery

  1. Included in our price
  2. The non-recurring delivery by us at the client of:
    • 3D AutoCAD installation drawings, including opening drawings in PDF format for approval;
    • a separate power specification (format: PDF);
    • BIM model.
  3. The present installation drawing and present electrical diagram are included in the user manual that is also made available upon delivery of the lift.
  4. We deem additional inspection rounds and/or our check / coordination of drawings of third parties to be reimbursable.
  5. The provision on drawings, maintenance and operating rules as required in conformity with the Lifts Directive;
  6. The performance of conformity survey in conformity with the Lifts Directive (2014/33/EU, Module-H1, Annex XI), including placement of CE marking in case of approval, as well as issue of an EU conformity declaration;
  7. Timely planning specification for assembly activities;
  8. Contribution to Health & Safety plan of building;
  9. On call attendance of 1st work meeting and the delivery;
  10. Taking out liability insurance for the benefit of damages inflicted through our fault during the performance of our activities;
  11. Assembly insurance for our contracting up to issue of CE conformity declaration (fire, explosion, water and/or storm damage and vandalism as a result of causes beyond our control are excluded);
  12. The building / assembly of the lift in the shaft, including hoisting hook;
  13. The supply and installation of drilling wall-ties for the attachment of conductors and doors;
  14. Shaft ladder (MEE standard);
  15. Shaft lighting through an LED strip, including shaft switch (in conformity with MEE standard and applicable lift regulations);
  16. Performance of our activities during normal working hours, i.e. Monday up to and including Friday from 7:00 o’clock until 15:45 o’clock;
  17. MEE employees shall provide proof of identity at work with a valid identity document, exclusively as established by the Dutch government. This implies:
    • Presenting, on demand, the valid identity document;
    • Issuing, on demand, a copy of the valid identity document whilst rendering the civil service number illegible and with reference to the date of issue as well as the relevant project;
    • Permitting, on demand, separate registration of the civil service number in combination with name, address, place of residence and date of birth, potentially supplemented with time registration worked.

Not included, inter alia, in our price and foreseen by third parties

  1. Health and Safety part: Before starting the assembly the following (operational) facilities must be in place:
  1. The supply and placement of dust partitions for the open shaft accesses;
  2. The supply and placement of scaffolding / work floors / safety floors in the shaft (in case of assembly without scaffolding only a work floor at the top stop);
  3. Costs of inspection by the Labour Inspectorate of safety facilities during the assembly;
  4. Sufficient smooth and stable service roads to and from the shaft(s);
  5. Service roads to and from the shaft(s) illuminated by at least 50 lux at floor level;
  6. Maintenance and daily inspection of points a) and b) as well as daily inspection of points e) and f) by the lift supplier.
  7. Other
  8. Highlighting / delineating of the required openings on combined opening drawings, as well as inspection of drawings of third parties;
  9. The supply of data pursuant to the Dutch Payroll Tax and National Insurance Contributions (Liability of Subcontractors) Act on account of the fact that more than 50% of the payroll component is processed at the location where our company is established;
  10. In particular in case of a penthouse: an easily and safely accessible service road provided with sufficiently attached fixed lighting points, not via private areas, to the top shaft access; other solutions and residual risk to be discussed further. Also see:;
  11. Lockable storage area to be made available by the client for materials and tools (at least a 20-foot container that can be placed without duties or the like);
  12. Adjustments that are required for the operation of the lift (or parts of it) under special circumstances;
  13. Costs for repair of damages not through our fault to already commissioned technical lift components;
  14. Costs for the use of the lift installation(s) during the construction completion) period;
  15. Interrupted assembly;
  16. Installation is partly performed by one mechanic working alone.
    Our method is such that our mechanics can perform a large part of the activities in the lift shaft whilst working alone. Our pricing is also based on this assembly method. Deviation from this as well as potentially applicable special working conditions are subject to further discussions;
  17. Free parking at or near the building site;
  18. The client provides for lunch, sanitary and washing facilities;
  19. Storage area near the shaft access on the ground floor, at least 5 x 2 m per lift;
  20. Waste containers in which we deposit the waste released during our activities (at least during the aforementioned standard assembly method);
  21. Structural facilities and dimensions, as mentioned in NEN-EN 81-70;2003 (accessibility of lifts for disabled persons);
  22. Masonry, carpentry, sanding / puttying / additional priming / (finishing) paintwork, tidying / filling anchors and sills, stop and stempelhout, potential intermediate floor and/or access door in pit, breaking respectively creating holes and all other structural facilities;
  23. Make the lift shaft available in a clean fashion;
  24. Performing the pit floor in a level and smooth manner;
  25. The installation of the correct height gauge for the benefit of the configuration of the shaft doorsteps at the location of the shaft accesses;
  26. Combined supply line for light and power (230/400V, 3 phases + zero + earthing);
  27. Power expenses for trial run and assembly (power cable + definitive voltage must be available at least 14 days prior to the commissioning inspection);
  28. Conditioning (ventilation including cover, cooling, heating) of the shaft with which the temperature in the shaft is guaranteed between a minimum of + 5oC and a maximum of + 40oC and with a maximum relative humidity of 90%;
  29. Shaft access lighting;
  30. Power distribution box, including lockable main power switch in shaft / control cabinet;
  31. Light distribution box with safety fuses in shaft / control cabinet;
  32. The supply and installation of a temporary GSM connection (necessary for alarm according to NEN-EN 81-28), at least 14 days prior to the commissioning / the conformity survey (by way of alternative it is possible for us to install a temporary GSM unit or to include this in the maintenance agreement);
  33. Costs for maintenance, monitoring and testing in conformity with NEN-EN 81-28 of the speak-listen connection;
  34. Supply and presentation in the vicinity of the equipment cabinet of a potential-free contact for activation of fire alarm switch.

We assume that the service road is free from obstacles, of sufficient dimensions and suitable for dynamic forces for the benefit of technical lift components. Prior to the start of the activities the work safety facilities must have been implemented. All in accordance with the VLR publication dated 30 June 2003, also see: